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Welcome to this special issue of the AWnewsletter, our update from the world of Leonardo Helicopters. Here we take you to our impressive grand opening event, which started our presence at the Expo. It was a rich event full of news for our customers as, first of all, we launched the new Agusta brand, dedicated to customers in the VIP/Executive Transport segment, which will provide an unmatched suite of distinctive products and solutions.

As part of this new initiative, we introduced Casa Agusta for the first time, an innovative rotorcraft terminal, which is flexible, exclusive, and with a strong emphasis on sustainability, besides being a way to meet the growing demand for a network of point-to-point connections in urban vertical mobility.

Last but not least, we had our AW609 tiltrotor as a special guest in Dubai, the first time we are presenting the tiltrotor outside of Europe and the United States, having performed a one-of-a-kind ferry flight from Cascina Costa in Italy all the way to Dubai, with stops in Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.