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Dear Leonardo Helicopters Customer,

As anticipated in the Service Information Letter SIL-GEN-24-001 released on February 6th, we are ready to deploy the new Multifactor Authentication service for Leonardo Customer Portal access.
The new service will be released on April 7th, and it will effectively be in placed by the end of the day.
Please make sure your contact information is updated in the “My Profile” section on Leonardo Customer Portal, as the new multifactor authentication service will need this information to make sure you can receive the OTP/token code: at least one phone number must be provided, you can submit/update a mobile phone number or a landline number, make sure to add the correct international dialing code (e.g. for Italy is +39) and to have only numbers in the field (no spaces, brackets or dash).

We are providing here attached a quick and a full guide about the new authentication method and how to set up the multifactor method of your choice, you can also refer to this interactive guide for first setup: https://awtraining.leonardo.com/local/static_contents/Leonardo_Customer_Portal_Authentication/userguide.html
If you have any queries or wish to receive any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact leonardo.mbx@leonardo.com
Thank you for your cooperation.
Best Regards,